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If you wouldn't mind talking about it, I've heard a few things about being only able to use one arm? I was wondering because I don't know if there was a whole story or not.


Indeed! When I was born, I got stuck. This is a thing that happens to roughly 1/100 babies where the shoulder of one of their arms catches on their mom’s pelvis. There are exactly 0 things that doctors can do to prevent something like this from happening in most cases. The baby just has awkward shoulders, or they were positioned oddly. Obviously, you’ve gotta come out one way or another. In most every case, the arm needs to be broken.

The deal is though, when the arm gets caught it’s often unexpected; they go to pull the kid out and then it snags. This results in damaged, or, in more serious cases, completely torn nerves in the shoulder, typically close to the spine. This is the root of Brachial Plexus Palsy. The nerves in my arm aren’t damaged too bad, but they were damaged very, VERY close to my spine. If I recall correctly, they were actually damaged almost immediately connected to my spine.

The good news is that I have more function in my arm than most Brachial Plexus Injury babies have. The bad news is that it’s still limited; I can’t hyperextend my wrist without the aid of my right hand, or I can’t put my left arm behind my back without swinging it. Similarly, I can’t put my left hand on my hip or in a pocket without aid. I cannot lift certain objects (heavy boxes which require proper posture and the like). I also can’t reach my stomach with that hand. I can painlessly move it to do all of these things using another hand, but on its own it isn’t much use. My left fingers are a half inch shorter than my right ones and the arm itself doesn’t not extend outwards entirely.

That’s not all bad though! Kids born with a BPI tend to be highly ingenuitive and find ways to do a lot of two-handed things with one hand. For example, I can’t do push ups but I can totally do a pull up with one arm (ladies~). Learning to play piano will be super hard for me, but that’s okay. I don’t need piano to live. The secondary driving force behind me learning to draw (aside from the positive attention it got me) was the fact that I didn’t need two hands to do it well. Drawing is my way of showing the world that, despite my awkward disability, I am able to find something to do with myself that isn’t just complain about my problems. 

Through my art and my incredibly charming personality (complete with ridiculous sound effects) I’ve basically created a fun persona through which I might live vicariously. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Just kinda gotta make it work, y’know?

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